About Us

Professional, Industry-Leading Company

Who We Are and What We Do

Steel & O’Brien is an American manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel fittings for the food processing, pharmaceutical, and various other industries. Founded in 1990, Steel & O’Brien is a leader in the sanitary and high-purity process industry, specializing in high-quality standard and custom machined/fabricated fittings and assemblies, quick turnaround, and very competitive pricing. 

Steel & O’Brien maintains an inventory of over $25 million in finished goods as well as over $1 million in raw materials. Our finished goods inventory includes sanitary and BPE fittings, valves, pumps, sanitary and BPE tubing, sight glasses and strainers, just to name a few.

Simplifying Sanitary Through Superior Service™

At Steel & O’Brien, we believe in making things simple for our customers, and we do this by providing superior service. With the ability to ship a large assortment of sanitary products quickly and completely, Steel & O’Brien is the full-service provider with the capacity and capability to be your one-stop-shop.   

Product Breadth. We offer the broadest array of fittings, valves, and accessories in the industry, with 10,000+ items in inventory, including obscure and niche items. And if we don’t have your exact size or style in stock, we will make it.  

Product Depth. Steel & O’Brien has made strategic and significant investments in inventory to ensure quick turnaround and high fill rates.

Expertise. Our experienced sales and customer service team members possess industry knowledge and product expertise that is second to none. Our solution-based service includes the ability to answer questions that others cannot.

Certifications. Steel & O’Brien is 3-A certified, CRN certified and ISO certified. In addition, some of our employees serve on various ASME BPE committees.