Quality Electropolishing Services

Electropolishing Solutions for Sanitary & BPE Products

Electropolishing stainless steel components strips away a uniform layer of material, removing embedded contaminants and other unwanted materials from the part’s surface, and diminishing imperfections such as impurities, burrs, plating lines and other flaws. The result is a smooth, ultra clean surface that resists corrosion and contamination from bacteria and other undesirable particles. Additionally, electropolishing makes the surface more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean. Electropolishing is commonly used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries in which sanitation is important.

The process begins when the stainless steel product is immersed in an electrically charged acid-bath tank. A chemical reaction occurs in which material is removed from the part, leaving behind chromium that improves corrosion resistance and improving the finish by removing a thin layer of material that contains burrs and other projections.

Steel & O’Brien Electropolishing Services

When you order custom products, let us know if you want electropolishing. We offer accurate stainless steel electropolishing down to 15 Ra (roughness average) on products up to 12”, including custom manifolds and other custom parts. Selecting us means that you don’t have to spend time and money contracting with a separate electropolishing company. Working with Steel & O’Brien couldn’t be simpler!