Products for Food Processing End Markets

Steel & O’Brien products are widely used in the safe processing of numerous food products, including raw fruits, vegetables, grains, oils, meats, condiments and more. We offer a broad line of food-grade stainless steel pipe fittings, food processing valves and other products that comply with 3-A hygienic design standards.

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The importance of using 3-A certified stainless steel sanitary products in this industry is obvious. Food needs to meet safety, sanitary and longevity requirements. By meeting 3-A standards, Steel & O’Brien food-grade sanitary fittings protect public health by preventing contamination. The standards also ensure that food contact surfaces can be mechanically cleaned and easily dismantled for manual cleaning and inspection.

Stainless Steel Food-Grade Fittings and More

We provide easy-to-clean, temperature-resistant and long-lasting sanitary and BPE products for the food processing market. If you don’t see exactly what you need among our food-grade valves, let us fabricate your part or system. Our team has the knowledge, experience and technical skills to make what you want in-house and finish it to your specifications. We’re committed to helping make sanitary simple for our customers, and we can do the same for you. Let’s talk!