Cleaning for Oxygen Service

Effective Oxygen Cleaning Services

Why Cleaning for Oxygen Service Is Needed

Cleaning for Oxygen Service, sometimes referred to as Oxygen Cleaning, is a method of cleaning contaminants and particulates from process equipment, fittings and piping intended to transport gases or liquids. This service is typically used in the compressed gas, aerospace, military and other high-purity industries in which contiminant-free processing is required.

Oxygen cleaning helps prevent explosions and fires by removing combustible contaminants such as particles, chemicals and residues that contain hydrocarbons that can cause a fire or an explosion in certain environments. Examples of combustible substances include oils, paper, fiber, dust, waste, dirt and sand. Eliminating these materials also reduces friction, which improves performance, extends the life of the part and decreases the potential for combustion.

Steel & O’Brien Oxygen Cleaning Services

At Steel & O’Brien, we can perform this service for your custom sanitary and BPE fittings, valves, tubes, piping and systems. Our professionals know the latest standards and perform oxygen cleaning in compliance with all applicable industry regulations. The work is done on-site at our facility, after which the cleaned components are accurately labeled and properly packaged to maintain cleanliness during shipping. We make sanitary safety simple!