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Bioprocessing equipment (BPE) fittings are a special type of fitting used for high-purity end markets, such as biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, that require strict cleanliness and production practices. Compared with sanitary fittings, BPE fittings are made to more stringent standards regarding dimension tolerances, interior surface finish (Ra), material traceability and packaging.

BPE compliant fittings are available in a variety of sizes up to 4”, based on the ASME BPE DT Tables. Steel & O’Brien is an active participant with ASME and has employees serving on various ASME BPE committees.

Steel & O’Brien carries a broad assortment of 316 stainless steel BPE clamp fittings and weld fittings in a variety of shapes, end connections, configurations, sizes and interior surface polish options that comply with ASTM BPE standards. We maintain a large inventory ready to ship. To prevent damage and contamination, all BPE fittings are capped and shipped in transparent bags.  

Every BPE fitting is permanently marked for full traceability back to the original stainless steel used to make the part. Material Test Reports (MTRs) are included in each shipment and are also readily available online. A highly trained Steel & O’Brien staff member inspects each fitting, ensuring that it meets the latest ASME BPE specifications.

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