Laser Etching

Quality Laser Etching Services

Laser Etching Services for Sanitary & BPE Products

Laser etching is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses a laser beam to create markings on the surface of an item without bacteria entrapment. Laser etching and laser engraving both use lasers to cut lines into metal, but unlike laser engraving, which is a physical process that leaves a cavity in the surface, laser etching is a chemical process that uses high heat to melt the surface.

Laser etching does not “cut” very deep into the metal — usually the cut is no more than 0.001” in depth. The melted material expands to cause very shallow raised marks, altering the roughness of the surface and creating high-contrast, black-and-white markings. Sanitary and BPE products are laser etched to add information such as data codes, barcodes and serial numbers.   

Steel & O’Brien Laser Etching Services

We have the capability to provide laser etching for sanitary and BPE products. When you order your custom stainless steel or other metal products, let us know if you need our laser etching services. Working with us means that you don’t have to spend time and money contracting with a separate laser etching company. Steel & O’Brien is committed to making sanitary simple!