Orbital Welding

Better Welds with Orbital Welding

Orbital Welding Services for Sanitary & BPE Products

Orbital welding is used when two items need to be joined with a weld that cannot be removed mechanically. Orbital welding is a specialized form of machine welding in which the arc is mechanically rotated 360 degrees around a static workpiece. This creates high-quality, consistent and repeatable welds that are clean and crevice-free, and meet the strict requirements of high-purity industries such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Hygienic stainless steel tubing systems are commonly assembled using orbital welding because the process creates a smoother, higher-quality weld — ensuring that the products flowing through them are kept clean and/or sterile. Crevice-free welds are easy to clean and help to prevent the growth of microorganisms in hygienic piping systems.

Machinery welding produces better quality, cleaner and more uniform welds in a shorter amount of time. Multiple identical and accurate welds are created in less time, reducing the lead time for large projects and resulting in significant cost and time savings.

Steel & O’Brien Orbital Welding Services

When it comes to orbital welding, we have the right people and the right equipment within our facility. We know how to apply this technology to the joining of tubes and fittings when the weld cannot be removed. 

When you order your custom stainless steel or other metal products, let us know if you need our orbital welding services. You don’t have to contract with a separate orbital welding company — working with Steel & O’Brien couldn’t be simpler!