Metal Passivation Services

Passivation Solutions for Sanitary & BPE Products

Passivation returns stainless steel and other metals back to original specifications by removing unwanted debris, contaminants and oils from the surface grain. In stainless steel, free iron is removed from the surface using a nitric or citric acid solution. This leaves other alloy components as a passive metal oxide film that protects the remainder of the steel from corrosion.

The passivation process causes the metal surface to lose its chemical reactivity, and at the completion of the process, the surface is more “passive” and corrosion resistant. The restored surface protects the steel from the effects of air, water and extreme environments. Passivation also results in a smooth, uniform finish without burrs, and a cleaner product with a longer life.

Steel & O’Brien Passivation Services

When you order custom products, let us know if they require passivation. We offer passivation on a variety of materials, product configurations and sizes. Working with us means that you don’t have to spend time and money contracting with a separate passivation service. What could be simpler?