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When properly sizing a pump, we need to know:

• Liquid Data

⇒ Product⇒ Specific Gravity


• Operating Conditions

Capacity (GPM)Discharge Pressure (PSI)Head Pressure (TDH)
Inlet Pressure (PSI) (Where NPSHₐ ≥ NPSHᵣ)Viscosity (cP) – Ambient Temperature, Process TemperatureSolid Size & Content

Horizontal and vertical runs are important factors when determining head.  
Friction loss is critical to determining head pressure.  To properly size a pump, the size and type of all fittings, valves and equipment must be taken into consideration.

• Suction Line


• Discharge Line

⇒ Tubing Size_____________ ⇒ Tubing Size____________
⇒ Vertical Drop____________ ⇒ Vertical Rise____________
⇒ Total Elbows____________ ⇒ Horizontal Run__________
⇒ Total Tees______________ ⇒ Total Elbows____________
⇒ Total Valves_____________ ⇒ Total Tees______________
  ⇒ Total Valves_____________


• Discharge Valve(s) and/or Equipment

Butterfly_______ Ball_______ Disk Check_______Other_____________

Steel & O’Brien application engineers are available to assist you with diagnostic sizing.  A completed sizing sheet is paramount for correct pump selection.  There are many pump applications; determining which pump is appropriate for your needs is critical.    

To ensure many years of successful processing, contact Steel & O’Brien to help size your pump today.

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