What Is That Clicking Noise In My Pump?

The TOP-FLO® TF-C Series Pumps are designed for use in CIP installations. This feature offers effortless self-cleaning with no dismantling or takedown. The sanitizing of all product contact areas is automatic.

Circumferentially spaced angular grooves are located on the impeller hub and on the impeller shaft above the seal O-ring. These grooves cause turbulence that flush the hub pocket and adjacent parts as the impeller hub and shaft rotate.

The impeller is retained utilizing a floating pin design. The retainer pin and retainer pin thru-hole in the stub shaft are also self-cleaning. This is accomplished by stopping and starting (bumping) the motor a few times during the CIP cycle. During this operation, the pin will make a clicking noise as it floats back and forth in the hole as the motor rotation slows down.