Why Is Controlled Sulfur So Important?

Steel & O’Brien offers a complete line of ASME certified BPE fittings in both extended butt weld and hygienic clamp end types.

All 316L extended butt weld ends conform to the controlled sulfur requirement within the ASME BPE standard of 0.005-0.017. The controlled sulfur content allows for superior orbital weld-ability to biopharma industry-standard tubing. Minimum straight tangent length requirements of BPE butt weld fittings make it possible to use a variety of orbital weld head types and widths during installation.

Ferrule connections on the hygienic clamp type fittings are machined to the exacting tolerances stated in Table DT-7-1 of the BPE standard to ensure proper fit-up to the mating gaskets and the variety of clamps used in the industry.

Steel & O’Brien BPE fittings are inspected in-house to ensure conformance of the stringent surface finish (Part SF), dimensional (Part DT), and documentation requirements (applicable sections of Part GR – 5.2).

Steel & O’Brien BPE fittings are individually capped, bagged, and include the MTR within the packaging for easy reference and traceability for welding and validation operations.

Stocked internal surface finishes include:

  • 20Ra max. mechanical (BPE surface finish code SF1)
  • 15Ra max. + electropolish (BPE surface finish code SF4)
  • Other BPE surface finishes available upon request

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