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Part NumberSize (inches)ASTP File
S32-14MP-.75X.503/4 X 1/22.000STP
S32-14MP-1X.501 X 1/22.500
S32-14MP-1X.751 X 3/42.000STP
S32-14MP-1.5X.501 1/2 X 1/23.500STP
S32-14MP-1.5X.751 1/2 X 3/43.000
S32-14MP-1.5X11 1/2 X 13.000STP
S32-14MP-2X.502 X 1/26.500STP
S32-14MP-2X.752 X 3/46.000STP
S32-14MP-2X12 X 15.000STP
S32-14MP-2X1.52 X 1 1/23.000STP
S32-14MP-2.5X.502 1/2 X 1/28.500STP
S32-14MP-2.5X.752 1/2 X 3/48.000STP
S32-14MP-2.5X12 1/2 X 17.000STP
S32-14MP-2.5X1.52 1/2 X 1 1/25.000STP
S32-14MP-2.5X22 1/2 X 23.000STP
S32-14MP-3X.503 X 1/210.500STP
S32-14MP-3X.753 X 3/410.000
S32-14MP-3X13 X 19.000STP
S32-14MP-3X1.53 X 1 1/27.000STP
S32-14MP-3X23 X 25.000STP
S32-14MP-3X2.53 X 2 1/23.000
S32-14MP-4X14 X 113.125STP
S32-14MP-4X1.54 X 1 1/211.125STP
S32-14MP-4X24 X 29.125STP
S32-14MP-4X2.54 X 2 1/27.125STP
S32-14MP-4X34 X 35.125STP
S32-14MP-6X36 X 37.500STP
S32-14MP-6X46 X 47.625STP

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