TOP-FLO® diaphragm valves, because of their unique design, reliability, versatility, and ease of maintenance have been the ideal choice for high purity process piping applications. We combine world-class industry experience with engineering and manufacturing facilities located in the USA and Canada. Our R&D, engineering, and manufacturing groups are committed to providing high-quality valves that are unsurpassed by any of our competitors. 

Steel & O’Brien competes with the major suppliers in the industry in North and South America for weir-type diaphragm valves.

The forged body has always been the optimum choice for applications within the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries. BIOPRO® & regular forged body diaphragm valves will be the valves of choice when high purity mechanical and electropolished surface finishes are required. 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.