Pharmaceutical Grade Tubing (BPE)

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This A270-BPE High Purity Stainless Steel Tubing is manufactured to ASME BPE and ASTM A270 S2 standards, making it ideal for ultra-high-purity applications. By utilizing technology and the proprietary electropolishing process, ID surface anomalies are minimized, providing an ultra-smooth, corrosion-resistant, chromium enriched surface where contaminants cannot hide. This electropolished tubing is processed and packaged in a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom (Fed 209E), a must for manufacturing tubing intended for use in today’s ultra-high purity environments. Tubing shall be electropolished 316L ASME BPE SF4. The surface finish is 15 µ-in Ra (0.4 µm) ID maximum, 30 µ-in Ra (0.8 µm) maximum reading at 90º to a major polishing pattern.

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