These Valves Are Authorized To Display The 3-A Symbol

Whether you are stopping or diverting flow in your process system, the Definox Single Seat Valves offer a flexible and reliable solution.

The DCX3 Shut-Off and DCX4 Divert Valves have a modular design that is assembled with clamp connections making for quick and easy maintenance.

The spherical body design ensures:

  • Optimum fluid flow
  • Reduction in pressure losses and cleanability.
  • Extra-thick walls guarantee excellent resistance to expansion constraints.

The DCX3 Shut-Off and DCX4 Divert Valves are pneumatically or manually operated. The pneumatic actuators are fully maintainable and easily transformed from the standard NC (Normally Closed) position to NO (Normally Open) or DA (Double Acting) positions.

A one-piece plug assembly is equipped with a floating PFA seal. The PFA seal offers outstanding cleanability, a tight seal even at high temperatures, and excellent chemical resistance.

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With the growing worldwide pressure for food safety and hygiene, these valves are authorized to display the 3-A symbol and have passed the EHEDG tests for Hygienic Equipment Design.   

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