Ensure Compliance and Reliability with Steel & O’Brien’s New Sample Valves

Sample valves are specifically designed for sampling of fluids without compromising the high purity piping system to which they’re attached. Steel & O’Brien’s new right-angle concentric (SVN), right-angle eccentric (EVN) and inline (INN) sample valves are specifically designed to be the optimum product sampling solution in the industry. Developed with pharmaceutical and sanitary standards in mind, these valves are designed to meet strict sanitary and hygienic standards to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. These sample valves offer exclusive performance benefits not found in alternatives.

  • The live loaded stem to prevents drips and knob re-tightening after thermal cycling from CIP & SIP operations
  • Tapered internal body bore facilitates drainability to outlet port
  • Static stem o-ring prevents fluid exposure to body recesses
  • Wetted polymeric stem & o-ring materials are UC Class VI Sections 87 & 88 Certified
  • Wetted stem is 1-piece to prevent polymer tip pull-out due to thermal cycling that can render the valve inoperable
  • For safety, wetted and non-wetted stem components are mechanically retained with a positive open stop to prevent accidental removal during opening
  • Yellow high visibility position indicator
  • Two-screw removal of complete operator including polymer seals for easy inspection & maintenance
  • Valves are fully autoclaveable without disassembly

When selecting valves for pharmaceutical and sanitary processes, it’s crucial to consider factors such as material compatibility, ease of cleaning, and the ability to maintain sterility throughout the production process. Steel & O’Brien’s new SVN, EVN and INN sample valves will help you maintain the highest levels of product safety and quality.