TOP-FLO® SV2 Concentric Sample Valves

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Part NumberSizeTOP-FLO® Ready-To-GoSTP File
SV26TV50DSF4-15RA-316L-EP1/2" T/C X 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV50ASF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TV50ASF4-15RA-316L-EP1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TV50BSF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV50BSF4-15RA-316L-EP1/2" T/C X 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV50CSF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV50DSF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 1/2" T/CYesSTP
SV26TV75DSF5-20RA-316L-EP3/4" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV75DSF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV75CSF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV75BSF4-15RA-316L-EP3/4" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV75BSF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV75ASF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TV15CSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV15BSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV15DSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV20DSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV20CSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV20BSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV20ASF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TV10CSF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV10CSF4-15RA-316L-EP1" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TV10DSF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TV10BSF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV10ASF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TV15ASF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE75ASF5-20RA-316L-EP3/4" T/C X 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE75DSF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C x 1/2" T/CYesSTP
SV26TE75BSF1-20RA-316L3/4" T/C X 3/8" HBYes
SV26TV15ASF4-15RA-316L-EP1-1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE50DSF4-15RA-316L-EP1/2" T/C X 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TE50DSF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TE50BSF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TE20DSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TE20CSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TE20BSF1-20RA-316L2" T/C x 3/8" HBYes
SV26TE20ASF1-20RA-316L2" T/C X 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE15DSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C X 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TE15CSF4-15RA-316L-EP1-1/2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TE15CSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TE10CSF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 1/2" HBYes
SV26TE50ASF1-20RA-316L1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE15BSF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C X 3/8" HBYes
SV26TE15ASF1-20RA-316L1-1/2" T/C x 1/4" HBYes
SV26TE10DSF1-20RA-316L1" T/C X 1/2" T/CYes
SV26TE10ASF1-20RA-316L1" T/C x 1/4" HBYes

TOP-FLO® SV2 Concentric Sample Valves are specifically engineered to be the finest in the industry and incorporate many features and benefits not found on other sampling valves. Our sample valves for sanitary applications make the sample collection process simpler for you. Low profile valves provide minimum dead leg areas and positive shut-off for sensitive fluids. These sanitary sample valves of stainless steel are available with butt weld or sanitary clamp end connections with hose barb discharge as standard. Standard connection sizes are 1/2” – 6” clamp end. 


  • 316L SS wetted part construction
  • Standard finish: 20RA ID (SF1) / 32RA OD
  • Replaceable Tapered FDA/USP Class VI  PTFE stem for positive closure
  • FDA/USP class VI FKM O-ring stem seal
  • Positive open stop to prevent accidental stem removal during operation
  • Fully autoclavable without disassembly
  • Thermoplastic black operator nut
  • Full material traceability
  • 100% BPE compliant

Concentric Optional Features:

  • Upgraded internal finish to 20RA W/ EP (SF5) OR 15RA W/ EP (SF4)
  • Other material grades available upon request
  • FDA/USP class VI EPDM O-ring stem seal
  • Alternative end connections upon request

Concentric Type Service Conditions:

  • Maximum operating temperature: 300° F
  • Maximum operating pressure: 400 PSIG
  • Maximum SWP:35 PSIG SWP @ 280° F

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